Sega announces new 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game from Sonic Team

And I’m not even addressing the painfully bland hub-world content and miscellaneous fluff that constitutes the bulk of the game’s overall experience, nor am I mentioning the poorly aged graphics. Though good for its time, Adventure just doesn’t hold up as well today. While a bold and respectfully competent move into three dimensions, Sonic’s first true 3D outing (“but what about Sonic 3D Blast?” the peanut gallery inquired) remains one of his least entertaining titles. And it’s a shame, because the Sonic and Tails portions of Adventure are pretty solid! Sure, the level design is janky and at odds with the player’s speed, but overall, the Sonic and Tails stories offer up stretches of good fun.

  • Aside from the story, it has innovative gameplay with Knuckles’ unique playstyle, which encourages exploration via his climbing abilities.
  • Unfortunately, if you want to play them on console, your most recent port option requires breaking out the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.
  • At least they are generous to put Sonic 3 at #1 because anyone outside of being a Sonic fan would put Sonic 2 or Mania because that is what everyone perfers.
  • The titular character, a semi-anthropomorphic hedgehog who can run at supersonic speed, was created to fill the role of Sega’s official mascot and a character who was supposed to compete in popularity with Nintendo’s Mario.

The game garnered a massive number of positive reviews on Steam, and according to data sourced from SteamDB, it also set a record for the largest number of concurrent players for a Sonic game on Valve’s digital platform. This marks a massive success for the Sonic franchise, which was a bit side-lined in the gaming world. Sonic Frontiers changes things significantly from previous games by incorporating an “open zone” design. It’s somewhat akin to an open world where various challenges, boss battles, puzzles, and quests are available in one seamless region. Speaking to Sector, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka revealed that it would be the “cornerstone” of future titles, echoing a similar statement from last year.

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Despite the fact that the games’ popularity has waned in the years following the original releases, Sonic has continued to produce games – and some of them have been rather outstanding. Though, on the topic of release dates, SEGA decided not to delay the game, despite player feedback suggesting that they should. Sonic Frontiers’ open worlds have lots to do outside of sightseeing; you’ll be fighting off enemies, tackling large-scale bosses, and exploring the vast landscapes of locations like Ares Island.

Although still unused in the prototype, these tiles are included in one of its level chunks, which got eventually replaced in the final. It is a black system that resembles an audio player, with a slot on top to insert game cartridges. The special stages while fun, they can be frustrating because of the bumpers and precise jumping. On the same day, Redditor PhobiusofMobius posted a meme to /r/SonicTheHedgehog wishing for the game to have a Chao garden, gaining over 1,900 upvotes in a day . Redditor Black-dragon4129 posted a meme to /r/SonicTheHedgehog sharing enthusiasm for the game’s soundtrack and disregarding the criticized frames of animation, gaining over 160 upvotes in a day .

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Mania is a actual sold product by SEGA, it is a official game from bottom to top. Other than that, they are very similar and both deserve to be at the top of the list. Trying to get all the sun and moon medals, as well as unlocking every piece of concept art and audio is pretty addictive .

Kids my age didn’t know any of the history that Sonic had, positive or negative. We just saw a new and exciting game with screenshots that made us want to play it. Like “Sonic 2006,” there are numerous other games that do not fit into the “Boom” universe, or either phase of the main “Sonic” timeline without some speculative interpretation on behalf of the player. The series eventually redeemed itself in the eyes of critics and fans with the release of “Sonic Colors,” which was seen as a return to form. In “Colors,” Eggman has built an interstellar amusement park which serves as a cover for his usual plans of conquest. Rather than targeting Earth, however, the bad doctor is conquering a colorful alien race known as Wisps.

There will be plenty of news from SEGA to share leading up to the holiday season. Sonic Origins releases on June 23rd for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC. Lastly, fans can expect Sonic Frontiers to land on the aforementioned platforms this holiday. The reason this doesn’t shock me is because the Sonic series has had some kind of fan base since its inception. I’m a long time video game enthusiast and really liked the very first Sonic, which just blew my 14 year old mind when it came out.

Mind you, the plot’s finale gets even wilder from there, so definitely play the game if you want to experience one of Sonic’s most fun and uniquely intense games firsthand. Sonic had several moderately successful titles in the years following the Dreamcast’s demise, including 2008’sSonic Unleashed and 2012’sSonic Generations. But the most recent game,Sonic Boom, not only failed to sell over 1 million copies—it didn’t even sell half that number. The game provoked a strong negative reaction from Sonic fans, many of whom believed the former game icon deserved better. There was a time when Sonic the Hedgehog stood on almost equal footing with Mario as the mascot of video games. He even had his own morning cartoon show where he was voiced by Jaleel White at the height of his Steve Urkel fame, and the franchise as a whole has sold over 80 million copies.

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